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What Our Users Say

  • Sophia

    Video Editor

    think GoPlay is a great software for beginners that need to edit videos because it's easy to use... I suggest that everyone who is looking for a good video editor to buy the full version of GoPlay

  • Arcane Raise

    Steam Curator

    Easy to learn and use yet it gives you what a professional video editing software does. It has bouth editing and recording gameplay videos as well as uploading them directly to YouTube.

  • William


    I've tried many video editing programs, from the good old Windows Movie maker to Sony Vegas Pro, and I easily can say this one is really simple and easy to use! Highly recommend this program to beginners and professionals.

  • Bitcoin


    A simple, yet powerful screen recording and video editing application. The intuative interface makes recording and editing a breeze producing quality gameplay videos has never been easier.

  • Intelligence

    General user

    This is actually exactly what i was looking for. A simple yet robust video editor that is beginner friendly, I'm very impressed to say the least and will be using this quite frequently for whatever videos i might release inthe future.

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