• Basic Editing

Basic Editing

You can import your media files to the program. Goplay editor enables you to import videos with all major standard and HD video formats. A Media Library is also provided for you to organize your media clips so you can easily and quickly access assets for your projects.

Import Video/Image/Audio

Click FILE>Import, choose Import media files

Record Video with GoPlay

You can also record the PC screen. Follow the steps blow to learn how:

Choose "Record " from the tool bare, then the Screen Recorder window will pop up. Hit the Rec button to start the recording. The recorded video file will be added to Media Library automatically and you can drag it onto the Timeline.

Hit  button will help you to create a “picture in picture” recording capture from your front webcam.

Save a project

Click Save , the project will be saved at project area. It can be recognized by Goplay only

Add / Delete Video in Library

1.Select one media file: click a thumbnail and click

2.In the Library, right click the clip and select DELETE.

Delete Clips from Timeline

1.Select a clip and hit the DELETE button in the menu section 

If you need to cut a section in the middle of the video, drag the slider to the start point and the end point of the unwanted part, press the scissor icon  to split the video first, select the unwanted part, press Del button to remove it.

Merge the Videos Together

Got several videos in a sequence and want to combine the videos for a movie? The join feature can have you put them together in no time. To join videos together, just place all the videos in the Timeline in the sequential order and click "Export".

To Copy/Paste/Cut Videos

You can copy and paste one or more clips at a time. The relative spacing (both horizontal spacing in time, and vertical spacing in tracks) of clips is kept. Copy and paste copies of clips at the end of tracks you first target, or insert them at any new playhead locations.

1.Select one or more clips in the sequence, right-click and choose COPY

2.In the Timeline panel, paste the copy of the clips at the wanted point in the sequence where you want to.

To Change Video Playback Speed

Click “advanced” to change the brightness and contrast, fade in and fade out of your video. You can enter the precise playback speed you want in the speed field or change your speed by changing the video duration.

Rotate a Video Clip

Go to “Advanced” to Rotate video that you selected.

Add watermark/logo to the video

To add a watermark to the video, please follow below instructions.

1.Press "Import" button to load the video file and the watermark image to the Media Library.

2.Drag and drop the video file and the watermark image to the video track and PIP track.

3.Then adjust the size of the image by dragging the small circles around the frame. You could also move it to the position where you need.

4.Then change the duration of the watermark image to the same length as the video by dragging the edge of the image file.


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