How to Add Commentary to a Video

3 years ago

Sometimes when we make a presentation, we would like to add our demonstration or commentary into the video. Here we will teach you how to edit video and add commentary to your video. Lets use GoPlay Editor, the best free video editor for Windows to create amazing movies!


1. Install GoPlay Editor

Install GoPlay Editor and start editing your video right away.


2. Choose a Video You Want to Add Commentary

Launch GoPlay Editor, select “Video Editor” and click “Importto select the video you want to add commentary. Then it will be shown in Video. Click +” to add that video into timeline. Video will be automatically added on the timeline. You can also simply drag and drop the video on the timeline.



3. Add Commentary to a Video

If the source background sound in your video is too loud, and interferes with your commentary, you could click the video on timeline, click Edit and adjust Volume to appropriate level or adjust it to 0%.


Make sure you turn on the volume of the program and device, and enable your microphone. Place the red marker at the point on the timeline where you want to start the commentary. Click Dub and start to add commentary to the video. When you finish speaking, click Stop to stop recording voice.




4. Make Some Settings for Background Sound

Click Dub on timeline, then click Edit, you could make some adjustments for your recorded voice, such as Volume, Play Speed, and Equalizer and Reverberation in Advance sound effect.



5. Export the Edited Video

When everything is ready, click “Export and choose the appropriate option for what you want to do with the video. Select Save Path to save the video in your favorite path and specify the filename. Finally, click “Export. You can also upload your video directly to YouTube – to do this, click “Upload. But you need to log in your YouTube account first.


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