How to Record Gameplay with 1080p 60fps

6 years ago

Do you like playing games? Do you want to share your amazing gameplay moment with others? You could record your gameplay with 1080p 60fps with the professional screen recorder, GoPlay Editor.


1. Install GoPlay Editor and start recording your screen right away. 


2. Launch GoPlay Editor, select Recorder.



3. There are Record Screen and Record Webcam available, click Record Screen .



4. You could record screen in 2 modes, including Full Screen and certain Area.



5. Make sure you turn on volume of GoPlay program and PC.



6. Click the icon of settings to make some settings for recording, such as  Resolution, Hotkeys or save path.




7. When everything is ready, you could click the red button or hotkey to start recording. Click the red button again, it will stop recording and recorded video will be saved in Video. Then click Edit, add it to the timeline to edit it.

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